Sunday Visits by Fr. Julio Narvaez are Very Special in La Morita

Story and Photos by Will Shaw

During a visit to the Oblate Mission in La Morita, Mexico, over the weekend of February 3rd, U.S. Provincial Fr. Louis Studer went with Fr. Julio Narvaez on his regular Sunday rounds visiting the elderly and sick of his parish delivering much needed food baskets to some desperately needy people of La Morita.

The families know Fr. Narvaez well and look forward to his visits.

The afternoon consisted of visits to about ten homes in all, where baskets containing food, blankets and other necessities were left for the families after some cheerful conversation and blessings from the priests.

In some of the homes the occupants were elderly, others middle-aged, there were single moms and young adults, and children were present everywhere. All live in deep poverty and some are desperately ill.

In order to identify families needing special help, Fr. Narvaez relies on some lay women in the parish who hear about such cases in their neighborhoods. They let Fr. Narvaez know where the people are along with their needs and they often accompany Fr. Narvaez on these visits. Without the participation of these dedicated lay people, Fr. Narvaez might never hear about these mostly home-bound individuals.

Fr. Studer was deeply touched by the experience: “it’s a tremendous example of the kind of ministry being done among the poorest of the poor everyday by the men of the Oblate Mission in La Morita. These men are delivering much-needed food and supplies to these people but most of all, they’re delivering hope and a reminder of God’s love for them.”

Fr. Louis Studer, OMI greets the young son of the man in bed who is suffering from cancer

The father and son smile for the camera at the end of the visit.

Fr. Julio (center) encourages another of his “regulars” introducing him to Fr. Studer.

Fathers Studer and Narvaez visit a young man suffering from Leukemia

This large family is dealing with illness and hunger.

Fathers Narvaez (L) and Studer deliver another sack of supplies. The tin shacks in the background are typical dwellings in this area,