International Cuisine at George Sexton House: The Joy of Community Living

By Felix Bwalya Nyambe, OMI

Cosmas, Eugene and Eleazar - Copy

(L-R) Sch. Brothers, Cosmas Kubai, Eugene Mule, Eleazar Manuel-Lopez

Most people will spend a fortune eating in different restaurants to have a taste of International foods. However, George Sexton House has given its members the taste of International foods from eight different countries. The Oblate’s George Sexton House of Studies is made up of thirteen community members from Zambia, Mexico, India, US, Bangladeshi, Kenya, Haiti, and Nicaragua. There are different community activities that unite the community: prayers, Eucharistic celebrations, studies and community nights, etc.). Homemade cooking, which is done every Sunday, by two community members is another community event that unites, builds and brings the community members together.

Another important aspect of cooking is that it keeps all in touch with their different cultures.  It is the Integration of culture and food through cooking. In other words, it creates a culturally-orientated community. There is always joy, passion, healthy eating and new skills learned while cooking.


(L-R) Sch. Brothers Felix Nyambe, Steven Montez, Vincent Adaikalasamy

Vincent - Copy

Clearly, Sch. Bro. Vincent’s technique for eating crab legs needs some work. One more thing to learn in the Oblate Scholasticate