DAY 28: The 36th General Chapter has ended! October 12th, 2016 –

DAY 28: (11 October) The 36th General Chapter has ended!
October 12th, 2016 –
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At approximately 3:45 in the afternoon today, the Superior General, Fr. Louis LOUGEN, asked the 84 capitulars to raise a hand if they were in favor of bringing the 36th General Chapter to a close. The response was enthusiastic and affirmative, as was the ensuing applause. And so this Chapter became a part of Oblate history.


In the morning, however, there was work to be accomplished. After Morning Prayer in communion with the Colombo Province scholasticate in Kandy, Sri Lanka, the capitulars voted on the final documents that complete the Acts of the Chapter. Once the new Central Government meets, Fr. General in Council will oversee the preparation of the Acts for publication. Since there were some changes to several Constitutions, it will be necessary to await the assent of the Holy See before they can be published.


The afternoon session was primarily for the closing of the Chapter. That was followed by the celebration of Eucharist in the main chapel of the General House of the Brothers of the Christian Schools where the Chapter had taken place. Oblates from around Rome and friends of the Oblates joined the capitulars in thanking God for His presence. As Fr. General had said in the Chapter Hall before the official closing, “We welcomed God who is always among us.”