Ukraine: “Serving the Poor for Our Anniversary”

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The evening of January 25 was a day of great rejoicing in the Ukrainian Delegation. The day before, January 24, all the Oblate parishes across the country participated in liturgies to pray for the good of the Congregation. On the evening of January 25, all of the Oblates working in Ukraine and Russia traveled to the main house of the Delegation – Obukhiv, near Kyiv – where they participated in the Holy Liturgy, along with his Excellency Bishop Radoslaw ZMITROWICZ.


January 26 was lived in accordance with the wishes of the Superior General, Fr. Louis LOUGEN. During the morning, there was a conference as well as adoration before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for the good of the Congregation. After this, Fr. Pavlo VYSHKOVSKYI was installed for his second mandate as superior of the Delegation and the new administration of the Ukrainian delegation as well.564-ukraine-3After lunch, the Oblates divided themselves into four groups and went to serve more than 300 poor in various areas and ministries around Kyiv. One group of Oblates went to help the Missionaries of Charity; the other three groups went to distribute food and the Word of God to the destitute in various locations around the city.


As a sign of conversion, the administration of the Delegation is planning to dedicate the center at the parish in the town of Hnivan as a spiritual center where persons suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine or other such problems could come and find a home where they might rediscover their human dignity and where God’s love will be apparent. This would include, for example, people who have no homes or jobs, could come and find a home in which they could rediscover their human dignity and God’s love would be apparent.

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