Family Heirloom Rosary Becomes Memorial to a Beloved Uncle

By Will Shaw

Renee Simon and Rosalie Simon Seemann are sisters who found themselves in a quandary after the death of their uncle, Jack Phillips. Mr. Phillips owned a beautiful German rosary from the 1700’s which had been in his family since at least the time of his great-grandfather. Mr. Phillips had asked Rosalie and Renee to see to it the rosary remained in the family after his passing and that was the problem. Renee, 63, has no children and Rosalie, 73, has just one daughter who didn’t want the responsibility of owning the rosary, so how could they honor the wishes of their Uncle Jack?

In this five minute interview, the sisters tell us about this remarkable rosary and their creative solution to the problem of “Keeping it in the family.”

Click on the photo to watch the interview with Renee Simon and Rosalie Simon Seemann.


Renee Simon (L) and her sister, Rosalie Simon Seemann