Mind’sEye: New Technology Improves Broadcasts for the Blind

Belleville, Ill. July 31, 2015 – MindsEye: The Virtual Newsstand received grants from the State of Illinois and the Boeing Employee Community Fund to update technology and equipment.

The grant from the State of Illinois will make programming available on the Web in searchable format through the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY). With DAISY, Web listeners can skip through chapter-like sections and select the portion of interest.

According to Broadcast & Volunteer Assistant Mike Curtis, DAISY files will also “broaden our reach.” Once in DAISY format, broadcasts will be used by the National Library Service for the Blind and Handicapped (NLS), a program run by the Library of Congress.

A second grant, awarded by the Boeing Employee Community Fund, provides updates to broadcast equipment. The grant ensures that quality programming will continue to air, as well as improving the conditions for the more than 200 volunteers who work with the station.

Both developments directly support the station’s mission to keep listeners connected, informed, and independent regardless of disability.