U.S. Provinical Recognizes Ten Years of Service by Radio Liseli

Editor’s Note: Launched in 2004 to respond to evangelization needs in Zambia’s Western Province, Oblate Radio Liseli (Liseli means light in Silozi) serves the whole Diocese of Mongu that covers an area of 87,293 square kilometers (33,716 square miles).

Radio Liseli promotes the development of the Zambian people in all spheres of life: spiritual, developmental (health, education, agriculture, environment, culture, civic, financial), cultural and art, and informational.

As a Catholic Community Radio Station, Oblate Radio Liseli has a good number of religious programs on schedule. These religious programs are either locally produced or syndicated from other radio stations and organizations within or outside Zambia.

The Radio Liseli Building and Tower in Mongu, Zambia