Our Oblate Martyrs: The List Grows

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Oblate Martyrs of Laos

Oblate Martyrs of Laos

A month ago, on May 5, 2015, Pope Francis authorized the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate the decree for the beatification of Italian Fr. Mario Borzaga, OMI and his Laotian catechist, Paul Thoj Xyooj, both martyred in Laos 1960. Now on June 5, 2015, the Holy Father authorized the promulgation of the decree for the beatification of the 15 other Martyrs of Laos, among them five other Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

Here is the full list of the 17 Martyrs of Laos:

1) Fr. Joseph Thao Tien (1918-1954), diocesan priest and first Laotian martyr.

2) Fr. Jean-Baptist Malo, M.E.P. [Missions Etrangères de Paris = Paris Foreign Mission Society] (1899-1954), missionary from France.

3) Fr. René Dubroux, M.E.P. (1914-1959), missionary from France.

4) Paul Thoj Xyooj (1941-1960), lay person, catechist, first Hmong missionary and martyr.

5) Fr. Mario BORZAGA, O.M.I. (1932-1960) missionary from Italy.          

6) Fr. Louis LEROY, O.M.I. (1923-1961), missionary from France.

7) Fr. Michel COQUELET, O.M.I. (1931-1961), missionary from France.

8) Joseph Outhany (1933-1961), Laotian lay person, catechist.

9) Fr. Noel Tenaud, M.E.P. (1904-1961), missionary from France.

10) Fr. Vincent L’HÉNORET, O.M.I. (1921-1961), missionary from France.

11) Fr. Marcel Denis, M.E.P. (1919-1961), missionary from France.

12) Fr. Jean WAUTHIER, O.M.I. (1926-1967), missionary from France.

13) Thomas Khampheuane (1952-1968), lay person, fist Laven martyr.

14) Fr. Lucien Galan, M.E.P. (1921-1968), missionary from France.

15) Fr. Joseph BOISSEL, O.M.I. (1909-1969), missionary from France.

16) Luc Sy (1938-1970), married man with three children, missionary and catechist, one of first Kmhmu´ martyrs.

17) Maisam Pho Inpeng (1934-1970), head of a family, leader of Christian community, one of first Kmhmu´ martyrs.

A decision about the time and the place of the beatification of “Joseph Tien and his companions” will be made by the Holy See, hopefully during the coming summer. (Thomas KLOSTERKAMP, Oblate General Postulator)