From The Brownsville Herald: “Group Comes Together to Pray for Ailing Fr. Michael Amesse, OMI”

“Group Comes Together to Pray for Ailing Priest”  Written by staff writer Ty Johnson and Originally Published Saturday November 29, 2014 in The Brownsville Herald

Prayer Group For Fr. Amesse (Photo by Yvette Vela)Ernie J. Garrido said it’s a ritual of Fr. Michael Amesse’s to pace outside and pray whenever he’s not inside the Immaculate Conception Cathedral for Mass.

Garrido said Amesse told him he thinks of and prays over those inside, often while walking back and forth. Amesse serves as the priest at the cathedral.

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  (Editor’s Note: As of this writing, December 3, 2014, Fr. Amesse is doing better and recovering from surgery in the hospital)