Nigerian Oblate on the Plight of the Abducted Schoolgirls

Originally Published on the OMIJPIC Blog

Fr. Ali Nnaemeka Cornelius, OMINigerian Oblate Fr. Ali Nnaemeka Cornelius, OMI writes about plight of the abducted schoolgirls in Nigeria, prays for the abducted girls and urges for more actions to free the girls. Fr. Cornelius is currently doing parish ministry in the Imo State, Nigeria.

NIGERIA – We pray for the abducted Chibok schoolgirls and with hope that one day they will embrace their parents, families and friends at home.

Nigeria in the eyes of the world has become a nation where more than two hundred girls could be kidnapped and nothing is done. In fact, it is almost the only news trending on all the social communication media. It has even overshadowed the Ukrainian crises and the World Trade Forum going on actually in Nigeria. This case however did not just crop up over the night. It is as a result of abandoned and neglected situations that have always mined our national integrity over the years.

There are therefore certain reasons that brought us to where we are today. What the world maybe has not known before is that Boko Haram has been causing much other serious havoc in Nigeria over the years. The only problem is that for many reasons we have been dying in silence. Only this year, for example, these men have sent more than one thousand Nigerians to their early graves. And the worst is that due to lack of national unity, we have always failed to address this matter appropriately.

Politicians for example, always put their political interest before our national unity and security. Increase in religious fanaticism in Nigeria has not also helped the matter. There is practically division among us all: division between Christians and Muslims, between Catholics and Protestants etc. There is also this serious failure in the national security that has made lawlessness and impunity the order of the day in Nigeria.

The worst is that our religious leaders have no grief on the social situation of our nation. A practical example is their silence in the midst of this actual boiling situation. No important religious leader has unfortunately made a public declaration till now. Neither the Sultan, nor the Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria has deemed it right taking stand on the matter. Not even the CAN that has tried to be sometimes unnecessarily outspoken in the past.

Brief, the plight of the Chibok girls is the true reflect of the cancerous heart of our nation.

Fr. Ali Nnaemeka Cornelius, OMI
Saint Martin’s Parish Ihiteowerre,