What You Missed on Facebook in May 2014


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Young people in Brasil gathered together for a vocations day on May 25.

                     via Juventude Oblata - Brasil


Fr. Richard Hall posted a photo on May 24 of Oblate associates preparing meals for the hungry at the San Juan de los Lagos Parish and Shrine.


St. Eugene de Mazenod made an appearance for Mission Enrichment Day in San Antonio on May 22.

                 Will Shaw dresses as St. Eugene de Mazenod     Frs. Art Flores and Jim Chambers at Mission Enrichment Day

Fr. Fernando Velazquez posted photos of Oblates on the Founder’s Feast Day.



Gladys Rivera posted a photo of Fr. Jesse Esqueda on May 18.

                    Fr. Jesse Esqueda with friends post ordination

Here’s a May 15th post from Rich C. Vasquez, II:

“Wow! Celebrating our Oblate Appreciaion luncheon for all the hard work we do. Pictured are the Oblate Priests, the Provincial and I.”

L-R Fr. Bill Antone, Fr. Bill Morell, Rich, Fr. Saturnino Lajo

Fr. David Munoz posted this on May 15th during his Holy Land tour: “Mass — at Church of the Transfiguration.”


Mother’s Day featured a spectacular Mass from the Grotto in San Antonio covered by Patricio Espinoza’s crew and four HD Cameras webcasting live on the internet. Fathers Saturnino Lajo and Bill Antone concelebrated. 

“Padre Lajo, OMI presentando las intenciones y peticiones de los benefactores de Oblate Missions ante el altar para ofrecerlas durante la Santa Misa del Día de las Madres.”
“Father Lajo, OMI presents donor’s petitions before the altar to offer them during the Mother’s Day Holy Mass.” 

 Friday Night, May 9 was very festive at the OST Graduation

Terence Chota on right, Jesse Esqueda in center

 A May 10th post from Br. David Uribe, OMI:

Graduation was this evening at Oblate School of Theology where I received my MDiv and my hero, Hispanic Theologian Rev. Virgilio Elizondo, received an honorary Doctorate as well! From a rejected people and nation, God shows his glorious favor!”



                                           Graduates and teachers stand together in front of the Oblate School of Theology

John Barrientes shared a photo from the Oblate School of Theology graduation on May 10.                    

Of course it wasn’t all about graduation. Fr. Andrew Small was out making new friends: 


Fr. Richard Hall posted photos from the San Juan de los Lagos Church Festival on May 4 including these two:


Several photos including this group shot were posted from the 3rd National Gathering of Oblate Associates held May 2-4 at King’s House – Belleville


Dennis Gui posted a photo from the 49th Foundation Anniversary of Barangay Itaw on May 4.


 Fr. Juan Ayala currently visiting in Aix-en-Provence posted the following on May 4th: “I just concelebrated Mass with my fellow Oblate brothers and the community of Aix. It was a beautiful celebration of faith. with a Latin American and French flavor. In a special way I prayed for my beloved parish community of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Laredo, for my family and friends. Continue keeping me in your prayers. Merci — at Chapelle Des Oblats.”


A post from Mitzi Irene Morales on May 3rd: “It was such a beautiful service RIP Father Ronald Wayne Young — with Ronald Young Omi.”