San Fernando Oblates Kick Start Oblate Vocations Events

St. Ferdinand Church, Mary Immaculate Church, and Santa Rosa Church

By request of the San Fernando community, four oblates have taken it upon themselves to host a series of events to educate youth about religious life.  Since December of last year, Fr. Juan Gaspar, Fr. Carlos Alarcon, Bro. Lucio Cruz, and Fr. Webert Merilan have been working together on ways to get the community involved while teaching kids the opportunities offered by a religious vocation.  “We want to generate interest in Oblate life.  We have been reaching out to family faith communities within St. Ferdinand, Santa Rosa and Mary Immaculate’s parishes,” says Fr. Gaspar. 

However, community involvement is not the only goal for the committee. Some of the other objectives include bringing in Oblate associates and members of the parochial ministries to take part in these events.  The committee has also invited the Franciscan Sisters to provide vocation testimonies.

 Fr. Gaspar emphasizes that all Oblates are needed. “It’s important to get even other Oblates involved because they have a lot of knowledge about what who we are and what we do,” says Gaspar.

The first bilingual event kicks off Friday, May 9 at St. Ferdinand’s Parish Hall at 6 pm.  The second will be a week-long event from May 21-29 at the Santa Rosa Parish.  Both events will include group prayers, discussions and testimonies.

For more information call (818) 365-3967.