Bold New Communications Commission in Madagascar


 Originally Published by: OMIWORLD.ORG


The OMI Delegation of Madagascar has created a new “Commission for Communication and Marketing” which met for the first time on 13-14 September 2013 at Soavimaboaka.

The members of the commission are Fathers Henri MARCINIAK, Adam SZUL, Marek MODRZEWSKI, Piotr KOMAN and Jocelyn Rasamoelina RIVOTINA. Fr. Henri, as the one responsible for this commission, has tried to respond to the question: What are the goals of the delegation in creating the commission?

We developed four proposals for the next meeting of the Madagascar Delegation Council: the establishment of a print shop; a bookstore; a second audiovisual studio; and a pharmacy (the latter is not so much in the audiovisual sphere as it is part of marketing.)

Fathers Henri and Marek can offer training to those who would be interested: audiovisual language; photographic composition; faith and media; the Internet today; creating a web site; and other information on the use of the computer and software.

There will be collaboration between the two centers (Fianarantsoa and Tamatave) and if any Oblate would like professional help (creation of logos, illustrations, electronic books, etc.) we would be ready to help them, because that is essentially why the commission was created.

At the end of these long discussions, the members of the commission were unanimous, even though the materials are not yet ready, that we would officially announce the print shop, bookstore and the audiovisual studio, if the members of the Delegation Council agree. The name we propose is: OMISTUDIOPRINT.

At the end of our meeting, we looked at how we can help the Committee for the Preparation of the Oblate Triennium. We suggest the following:

(Écho OMI Madagascar, November 2013)

First of all, a consolidation of our audiovisual work;

Study and planning concerning the use of audiovisual means;

Research into a new way of doing things, i.e., an expansion of our work;

And especially a question of money for the economic self-sufficiency of the Delegation of Madagascar.

A slideshow that will help in the animation of each community or parish or mission;

A calendar for each of the three years with the theme and some prayers;

A poster to publicize our Triennium;

An Oblate congress to close the Oblate Triennium.

A congress for Lay Oblates;

Translation into Malagasy of the book on the life of our delegation by Fr. Jarek;

A new film that will tell of our work in Madagascar.