Oblate Parish in Haiti Celebrates Feast Day

From Bro.Gus' News Notes

Photo: Father Real "Joe" Corriveau, OMI
A Personal note from Missionary Oblate, Real Corriveau, OMI which appeared in the June 14, edition of News and Notes by Bro. Augustin Cote’, OMI

I got back from my parish at Fond Oies around 6 PM last night.  

Photo: Exterior of St Anthony of Padua in Fond Oies, Haiti As you know, my parish, St. Anthony of Padua, celebrated its saint’s feast or fiesta on June 13. This year is also the centennial anniversary of the establishment of the first Catholic Church there in 1912. The founding as a parish took place 5 years ago when Photo: The late Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, Serge MiotArchbishop Miot named me pastor. He was killed during the earthquake. He appointed me for 6 years. It looks like my timePhoto: Parishioners walking home through the mountains after mass  is almost up doesn’t it? A younger Oblate priest will surely climb those mountains more easily.

Yesterday we feted in great pomp. The Church was beautifully decorated for the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the chapel there, and also for the 5th anniversary of the founding of the Parish. Auxiliary Bishop Erik Glandas presided at the Mass and was accompanied by 10 priests: 7 Oblates, I Holy Spirit, and 2 Diocesans from the Parish. The Bishop gave a very vibrant and exciting sermon. As far as I know and could see, nobody fell asleep. The Choir and the musicians performed an especially fine animation for all inside and outside of the church, and kept everyone singing.

After Mass, the Sisters of St Anthony presented us with a very decorated and delicious banquet at the rectory. We all really enjoyed this moment after the 3 hours of praying and singing. One might conclude that this was the continuation and living of our Communion at Mass.

Photo: Interior of St. Anthony (altar)Tomorrow, I have confessions for some children who go to The New American School. This is an English School here in Port-au-Prince. I’ve helped them with Catechism. Nine will make their First Holy Communion on Sunday. I will baptize one of them. Their Mass will be held at the Chapel situated at the Canape Hospital grounds. By the way, Fr. Omer Duplessis built this chapel when the Hospital was started. Each Sunday, he and I took turns celebrating Mass there and also visiting the sick.

The people at Fond Oies said that St. Anthony always provided rain on his feast day. It was extremely hot on leaving Fond Oies yesterday, but there were dark clouds coming over the mountains. I don’t know if rain fell after I left, but rain did fall here in Port-au-Prince just before my arrival. I did pray for rain because their gardens were in great need. It seems true that St. Anthony is a miracle man.{jcomments on}