Bishop Paul Duffy, OMI – Mongu, Zambia Threatened





Bishop Paul Duffy
Bishop Paul J. Duffy, OMI
Diocese of Mongu, Zambia

Oblate Bishop of Mongu Diocese of Zambia Paul Duffy, OMI has been threatened to be beaten up by a section of the ruling party in Zambia, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD). “The Post” Newspaper an independent tabloid reports in today’s issue of Wednesday September 15, 2010, that, a Mr. Chiko Chibale who is the MMD Copperbelt information secretary, has threatened to beat up Bishop Duffy. He said that he will mobilize the party’s crack squad to travel to Mongu to manhandle Bishop Paul Duffy if he continues to issue derogatory remarks against MMD and the President Rupiah Banda. The threat to manhandle Bishop Duffy comes in the wake of a statement he made that the people of Western Province think it is time for change.

The statement made by Bishop Duffy has unsettled the ruling party which has accused the Bishop of inciting anarchy in the Country. MMD spokesperson, Dora Siliya who is also the minister of education was quick to dismiss Bishop Paul’s assertion. Bishop Duffy defended his statement saying that he based his statement on what he has experienced while interacting with the people at the grassroots. Bishop Duffy also questioned the governments’ motive of borrowing huge sums of money which does not visibly translate to development in the country and in particular the Western Province of Zambia. Bishop Duffy has refused calls to apologize saying that he does not owe anybody an apology over his statement that the people of Western Province want change because what he said is what the people on the ground are saying.

Bishop Duffy has ministered in the Western Province since he came to Zambia in 1984. He is among the first group of Missionary Oblates who pioneered the setting up of the Oblate presence in Zambia. The Missionary Oblates are mostly present in the poorest districts of Western Province, namely, Lukulu, Mongu, Kalabo and recently Shangombo district. Bishop Duffy has spent most of his life as a missionary in Lukulu, Kalabo and Mongu. As a priest he has been in the fore front of advocating for the poor. While serving as priest and Bishop of Mongu Diocese, he facilitated the setting up of Oblate Radio Liseli, Mongu Diocese Development Center, Home Based Care projects which reach out to the people living with HIV/AIDS and numerous other projects. He also administers three Catholic Schools, St. Johns and Holy Cross Secondary Schools in Mongu, and St. Columbus High School in Lukulu district (the only high school in the district), and a Teachers Training College, the only one in the Western Province. The diocese also manages Mangango hospital.

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